Achaean land

Peloponnesus is the major wine-producing region in Greece. Achaia, favored by the mild mediterranean climate and the excellent terrestrial conditions, is established as a traditional wine-trading perfecture.

Vineyards of more than 200.000 m2 are cultivated by the cooperative producers in Achaia region, consisting the one and only source of raw material (grapes) for the vinification.  

Patraiki, possessing modern technological equipment and applying the most advanced cultivation and elaboration methods, produces wines out of grapes of traditional varieties which flourish exclusively in the countryside around Patras, such as Roditis and the widely known varieties Mavrodaphne and Muscat. From the last ones, two internationally renowned and multi-award-winning dessert wines are produced, with Protected Designation of Origin, Mavrodaphne of Patras and Muscat of Patras.